Ranch Series Horse Stalls


Classic 3 Rail Horizontal Horse Barn Stall Front

Coffman Barns Ranch Series Horse Stalls use the same panel construction used on the interior panels of our barns, which make them Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and have 0% Fire Spread Rating. Using these steel laminated plywood core panels nearly eliminates any injuries your horse might encounter by splintering a conventional stall panel. Plus, you can simply use a hose on the barn stall to clean them. An easy to sanitize, low maintenance stall reduces cleaning time and the risk of disease to horses and livestock.

*Some images show custom options and upgrades

Coffman Barns Ranch Series Horse Stall Fronts
Ranch Series Horse Stall front

Horizontal 3 Rail
Pony Shoe Feed Door Latch
Chain Hasp Stall Door Lock
Standard Front Painted Steel

MD Barnmaster Authorized Dealer

Ranch series stall fronts come standard galvanized with your choice of standard wall colors. Powder coating and wood fronts are available upgrade options.

Coffman Barns, featuring MD Barnmaster Ranch Series Horse Stalls, are the perfect centerpiece for the ranch barn style you’ve always dreamed of! They’re a solid, well built, safe environment for your horses with features that make it virtually maintenance-free. You have more important things to do than worry about your barn. But there’s nothing that says a hard working barn can’t look good. Available in four different roof lines and a wide variety of colors, this solid investment will look like a million bucks for years to come.

Easy to Maintain – Ranch Series Stall Fronts feature easy-to-maintain, all-steel interior with color accents in just the right places. Steel Tack and Feed storage that’s as easy to maintain as our stall system.

MD Barnmaster Integrity – 14 gauge galvanized steel frame built to last a lifetime. MD Barnmaster’s SuperRib™ 26 gauge roof panels that are leak-free and stand up to high winds and heavy snow loads.

MD Barnmaster’s Proprietary Wall Channel – MD Barnmaster forms its wall channel (framing) from rolled, galvanized 14 gauge steel. The bottom rail of the wall channel is hot dipped galvanized after it is rolled (using the already galvanized material) for superior rust prevention.

Safest Product Available – Steel interior wall system that is Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and has a 0% Fire Spread rating. Walls are easy to sanitize, keeping your horse safe from disease.

  • Lifetime Kick Proof Warranty – Flexible walls prevent hoof and leg injury.
  • Lifetime Chew Proof Warranty – No wood harboring bacteria, no wood splinters.
  • 40 Year Wall Paint System. (See standard color and optional wood front)
  • 0% Fire* Spread Rating – So you can rest easy at night.
  • Easy Sanitizing – Prevents disease.
  • Unmatched Durability – Proprietary galvanized steel wall channels and structural steel framing.
  • Low Maintenance – Because you have better things to do than work on your barn!

*Not available on exposed wood sided products.

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