Frontier Horse Stall Front


2-Rail or 3-Rail Horizontal Grill

Coffman Barns Frontier horse stall fronts use the same panel construction used on the interior panels of FCP barns, which make them Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and fire resistant. Using these steel laminated plywood core panels nearly eliminates any injuries your horse might encounter by splintering a conventional stall panel. Plus, you can simply use a hose on the barn stall to clean them. An easy to sanitize, low maintenance stall reduces cleaning time and the risk of disease to horses and livestock.

*Some images show custom options and upgrades

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2 or 3 Rail Horizontal
Heavy Duty Door Hinges
Intuitive, Simple Latch

Coffman Barns, Horse Barns Made in USA

Coffman Barns, featuring FCP Barns Frontier horse stall fronts, are simple and durable! They’re a solid, well built, safe environment for your horses with features that make it virtually maintenance-free. You have more important things to do than worry about your barn. But there’s nothing that says a hard working barn can’t look good. Available in RCA, Gable and Shedrow roof lines and a wide variety of colors, this solid investment will look like a million bucks for years to come.

Easy to Maintain – Titan horse stall fronts feature easy-to-maintain, easy to sanitize, keeping your horse safe from disease.

FCP Barns Integrity – 2-Rail or 3-Rail 16 gauge 1 7/8” horizontal grill with full circle welds, heavy duty hinged door, intuitive latching, simple and reliable. (Some pictures may include upgrades) Please contact us for more information.

Safest Product Available – Steel interior wall system that is Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and fire resistant.

  • Lifetime Kick-Thru Warranty – Flexible wall and door panels prevent hoof and leg injury.
  • 3 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty.
  • 30 Year (Limited Warranty) Roof Panels.
  • Fire Resistance – So you can rest easy at night.
  • Chew Proof and Won’t Harbor Bacteria – Healthy environment for your horses.
  • Pre-Engineered Modular Versatility – Easily customizable to any need.
  • Easy Sanitizing – Prevents disease.
  • Heavy Wind/Snow Load Safe – A must for extreme weather conditions in mountain states.
  • Unmatched Durability – Galvanized steel wall channels and structural steel framing.
  • Low Maintenance – Because you have better things to do than work on your barn!

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