Gable Horse Barns


Gable Horse Barns - A Traditional Breezeway Barn Featuring Classic A-frame Roof Pitch

Coffman Barns offers gable horse barns and equine facility designs that are attractive yet functional and economical. Our prefabricated gable horse barn structures feature a single pitched roofline and solid wall construction which helps retain heat. By comparison to wood pole barns, our modern gable horse barns deliver unmatched safety advantages like 0% fire spread rating, kick proof/chew proof wall panels, and structural steel framing.

With its timeless beauty and versatility, the gable horse barn roofline provides additional warmth benefits during colder months of the year, which in turn reduces overall operating expenses.

Coffman Barns conventional gable horse barns provide all the functionality of other breezeway barn floor plans, and with the FCB Barn brand name, your assured unmatched quality, value and durability that will stand the test of time.

FCB Barns Warranty Info

  • Lifetime Kick-Thru Warranty – Flexible wall and door panels prevent hoof and leg injury.
  • 3 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty.
  • 30 Year (Limited Warranty) Roof Panels

Other Benefits and Safety Features

  • Fire Resistance – So you can rest easy at night.
  • Chew Proof and Won’t Harbor Bacteria – Healthy environment for your horses.
  • Pre-Engineered Modular Versatility – Easily customizable to any need.
  • Easy Sanitizing – Prevents disease.
  • Heavy Wind/Snow Load Safe – A must for extreme weather conditions in mountain states.
  • Unmatched Durability – Galvanized steel wall channels and structural steel framing.
  • Low Maintenance – Because you have better things to do than work on your barn!

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