Specialty Sided Horse Barns


The Beauty of Wood or Stucco Siding, with the Durability of Structural Steel Framing

At Coffman Barns, you can have the best of both worlds! The beauty of wood sided horse barns, or stucco sided horse barns, with the durability of a steel structure! Steel is naturally strong and can withstand years of weather extremes and are fire resistant.

The wood/stucco siding is built into the wall panels and then wood/stucco battens are field applied to cover the galvanized channel. The wood/stucco siding and battens are either stained/painted or left to weather without paint. The majority would require routine painting or staining to maintain their beauty!

Custom wood sided horse barns, or stucco sided horse barns, can be applied to any barn roof line including Raised Center Aisle (RCA), Gable, Gambrel or Inline Shedrow Barns. Choose wood or stucco barn siding for a trolly unique look to match your existing or new construction.

FCP Barns Warranty

  • Lifetime Kick-Thru Warranty – Flexible wall and door panels prevent hoof and leg injury.
  • 3 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty.
  • 30 Year (Limited Warranty) Roof Panels.

Other Benefits & Safety Features

  • Fire Resistance – So you can rest easy at night.
  • Chew Proof and Won’t Harbor Bacteria – Healthy environment for your horses.
  • Pre-Engineered Modular Versatility – Easily customizable to any need.
  • Easy Sanitizing – Prevents disease.
  • Heavy Wind/Snow Load Safe – A must for extreme weather conditions in mountain states.
  • Unmatched Durability – Galvanized steel wall channels and structural steel framing.
  • Low Maintenance – Because you have better things to do than work on your barn!

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