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Choose from standard Horse Stall Walls and Dividers, view available options, or contact Coffman Barns to learn about custom barn stall walls and dividers options.

Standard horse stall wall and dividers provide the same MD Barnmaster industry leading safety features as the stall fronts. Lifetime kick and chew proof warranty, 0% fire spread rating, easy sanitizing and 40 year paint system. Plus the horse wall and dividers are engineered on MDB’s pioneering modular technology so we can customize your barn stall walls and dividers to meet your new or existing construction.

MD Barnmaster Horse Stall Wall Channel
MD Barnmaster Authorized Dealer
Coffman Barns, Horse Barns Made in USA

Horse stall walls and dividers feature 26 gauge pre-painted, embossed, laminated steel. Zincalume is standard for the interior wall and customers choose their exterior color. Available colors are shown right.

Laminated Wall Panels – MD Barnmaster’s laminated wall system is the cornerstone of MDBarnmaster’s basic building design. Our basic 3/4 inch wall consists of high quality 3/4 inch exterior plywood with 26 gauge embossed, high pressure baked enamel coated steel laminated to both sides. The panels are then sealed on the edges to prevent water from “wicking” up the plywood. Our 2 inch wall provides insulation from cold weather climates.

Proprietary Wall Channel – MD Barnmaster forms its wall channel (framing) from rolled, galvanized 14 gauge steel. The bottom rail of the wall channel is hot dipped galvanized after it is rolled (using the already galvanized material) for superior rust prevention.

Completed Walls – The wall panel is inserted into the wall channel frame, creating a tough, attractive finished wall section. The wall sections are then welded together to create walls in the dimensions required for each specific barn plan. The wall sections are modified to add doors, windows, grills and other features for each unique barn.

Ease of Installation – Almost every component of an MD Barnmaster building bolts together. MD Barnmaster barns can be assembled as “do it yourself” projects or installed professionally at a fraction of the cost of other barns.

Note: Standard stalls are 12’x12’, however, we can make them smaller for minis and ponies (such as 12’x8’), or larger for drafts, stallions, mare motels or other custom needs. Contact Coffman Barns to learn more.

Standard Wall Divider
• Standard Wall – 145”L X 96-1/2”H
• Choice of Vertical or Horizontal
• Available 1/3, 2/3 or Full Grill

Solid Exterior Wall/Divider Options
• 96-1/2”L X 96-1/2”H
• 120-3/4”L X 96-1/2”H
• 145”L X 96-1/ 2”H

Exterior Door Wall
• 145”L X 96-1/2”H (Standard Width)

Miniature Horse Stall Front
• 145”L X 96-1/2”H (Standard Width)

MD Barnmaster – the leading barn and equestrian facility builder since 1975. Coffman Barns, the #1, and only authorized dealer, for Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

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