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31 Oct 2022
Powderhorn Colorado RCA Barn with Living Quarters

Powderhorn Colorado RCA Barn with Living Quarters

Powderhorn Colorado RCA Barn with Living Quarters

Part 2 – Custom Powderhorn Colorado RCA barn with living quarters near Gunnison Colorado

Part 2 of the Powderhorn Colorado RCA barn with living quarters project features the build-out pictures that the owner completed. Coffman Barns was contracted to build this custom wood-sided RCA barn in a remote Powderhorn location near Gunnison Colorado. See Part 1

This amazing custom wood-sided RCA barn features a full loft living space that the owner completed, tongue and groove throughout, extra 2 1/2″ thick insulated walls to protect from the harsh cold winters that are common to the area, eight stalls, an office and lounge, open cross-isle breezeway, feed room, tack room, open grooming bay, covered porches on all sides and a covered balcony. If you’re looking for a custom barn contractor that can take your vision and turn it into reality then contact Coffman Barns, the official authorized FCP Barns & Buildings dealer for Colorado.

At a Glance:

• Large 123′ x 65′ Wood Sided RCA Style with Metal Roofing
• 8 Stalls with Front and Rear Sliding Dutch Doors, Covered and Fenced Outside Stall
• T&G Stall Fronts with Yoke Style Grill Guards
• Full Loft with Covered Balcony Living Quarters
• Large Office
• Lounge
• Feed Room
• Tack Room with Tack Pivot Room
• Open Grooming Bay
• Open Cross Isle Breezeway
• Covered Porch Overhang on All Sides
• 2 1/2″ Insulated Walls

Powderhorn Colorado RCA Barn with Living Quarters – Manufactures Features & Benefits:

Steel is naturally resistant to fire making steel structures safer than traditional wood or other combustible materials. The steel-lined wall panels and dividers in our barns prevent fire spread making them darn near fireproof. Something every horse owner can appreciate.

Steel-lined wall panels provide the confidence and safety features that your horses will not be able to kick thru the stall walls which can cause injury, or digest harmful bacteria harboring wood and splinters.

Non-bacteria-harboring wall panels are low maintenance and are easily sanitized to prevent disease. No sharp edges or rusty nails – means no cuts, pulled manes, or tails.

Coffman Barns has become a trusted name in the industry by providing its customers honest, knowledgeable representation, premium products, with exemplary service at a competitive price to fit its customer’s dreams and budget.

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