Horse Barn Training Facility Building Contractor

Horse Barn Training Facility Building Contractor

Horse Barn Training Facility Building Contractor

Horse Barn Training Facility Building Contractor

Phase 1 – New RCA Horse Barn Training Facility Project in Scottsdale Arizona

Coffman Barns recently completed a two phase equestrian facility project in Scottsdale Arizona. Phase one of the horse barn training facility building contractor project features new construction of 122′ RCA style barn with cross breezeway isles, thirteen large 12′ x 12′ horse stalls, two 12′ x 12′ flex rooms (tack, storage, office), three grooming bays, and 12′ gable porch. See project pictures and floor plans below. Phase two of the Horse trining facility building contractor project was a barn renovation of the existing mare motel barn.

Coffman Barns, FCP official dealer, specializes in barn projects of all sizes. From small backyard shedrow barns, to large equine facilities for equine professionals and commercial facilities.  Start a conversation with Coffman Barns today, the leading turnkey barn building contractor in the west.

Horse Barn Training Facility at a Glance:

• 120′ Raised Center Roof (RCA) Style with Cross Breezeway Isles
• Thirteen 12′ x 12′ StallsRear Stall Doors with High Yoke Grilled Shutters
• Titan Series Stall Fronts
• Two 12′ x 12′ Flex Rooms (Tack, Storage, Office)
• Three Grooming Bays
• 12′ Gable Porch Overhang

Coffman Loveland Colorado Barn Project Features:

Steel lined wall panels provides the confidence and safety features that your horses will not be able to kick thru the stall walls which can cause injury, or digest harmful bacteria harboring wood and splinters.

Non bacteria harboring wall panels are low maintenance and are easily sanitized to prevent disease. No sharp edges or rusty nails – means no cuts, pulled manes or tails.

Coffman Barns has become a trusted name in the industry by providing its customers honest, knowledgeable representation, premium products, with exemplary service at a competitive price to fit its customer’s dreams and budget.

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